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Default Re: Can you tell me if this cage is ok?

Hi, as Petite stated, that cage is not big enough and for a robo I would consider the gaps too big. I can't seem to find the bar width but it does look quite big. For a robo I would be looking at 6-7mm bar widths. They can get (or try to get) through the tiniest of gaps.

Going by your link, I presume you are in the Uk?

This thread that I did re all different types of cages might help you,

UK Hamster Cages 2021

Unless you are buying 2nd hand or going to make a cage, I think the zoozone large is probably about one of the best buys at the moment, you would still need to mesh the top part.

Bin cages are also a cheaper option, if you have the tools to make them. They need meshing, drilled holes is not enough ventilation.

Hope this helps.
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