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Default Russian Dwarf Needing New Home - North East England

Location: North East England (Darlington, Durham area)
Kind of hamster(s): Russian Dwarf - Female
Hamster age(s): Approx 8-9 Months
Reason they were abandoned /require rehoming: I am moving over to Northern Ireland and am sadly unable to take her with me
Any health problems/special needs: N/A
Any behavioral problems: Quite independent and unsociable - doesn’t dislike people (I can sit with my hand in her cage and she is happy to go about her business and roll in her sand bath, etc showing that she’s not scared) but prefers not to he handled too much. Has bitten on two occasions but this was mainly due to no prior hand washing.

Type of household hamster would best be suited to: Not kids as she’s apprehensive about being held - fine with dogs (I have 3 dogs and she is use to their barking and it doesn’t even stop her when shes running in her wheel - the dogs cannot see into her cage though as shes on-top of some drawers so they can’t bother her)
Link to rescue facility: N/A
For more information send PM on forum: Yes
For more information send email to: [email protected]

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