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Default Re: New hamster/cleaning secondhand wooden accessories

I purchased a wheel, two ladders, a house and a platform to create a second level inside the cage, all from the same seller. The wheel and house had urine stains and I thought I could clean them. The platform is nailed and stapled so I will not be using it either, from reading other posts.

I went back and asked the seller if I should be concerned about a potential illness given that I cannot fully clean the items and got a rather curt reply expressing no wish to further engage and that items were sold as is. I have written it off as a beginner mistake. On the upside I do like shopping for new accessories and I will not be scrimping on essentials if it creates a health risk.

A non-wooden wheel is looking better as he does pee in the wheel in his cage (the second was an emergency backup/ playpen from a seller in my neighbourhood so it was very convenient).

Thank you for the tips!
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