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Question Keeping hamsters happy without extra expensive spending.

Hi there!

I look at my hamster sometimes and wonder if he's ever bored, he only comes out of his house for water, a run and a little play with his boredom breaker ball that I stuff with odd different treats and by the time I check it tomorrow morning they're completely gone!

The reason I feel like he's at a lost of what to do is he just sits there looking up or nibbling on some little bits or wanders around "aimlessly" at times.

I have a lot of toys in the cage, bendy bridge, empty toilet roll as a tube, a wooden carrot chew, a rope with two blocks joined on each end, a swing, a soft cozy "pouch" from pets at home, sand bath, wheel, different sticks, a ladder (that he's peed on, which makes me remember another question: what should you do with peed on wooden toys? keep them or discard them? im pretty sure trying to clean them with water would make them swell?) as well as 3 other things. He also has some millet seed strips that he can pull off and nibble.

But I still feel like he's bored!

I'm currently in the middle of making some toys that I found as a tutorial from YouTube. Not sure if using kids non-toxic glue is ok though? Please let me know!

The toys I'm going to be making are: foraging board, toilet roll filled with healthy treats/food with tissue paper layers to make it more fun, a bridge, sticks covered with a flour and water mix to stick on seeds etc. as well as trying to attempt to make a homemade maze and other hidey houses.

I feel like there's so much more I can add to his environment to stop him being so bored, he's stopped burrowing since I swapped him to a bigger cage (assuming he's more interested in the stuff on top in his surroundings).

At some point I will be purchasing more toys but it's only been about a month where I received all the purchased toys and buying more would make my family fuming (even though I'm 20, I'd be told off for "wasting money").
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