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Default Re: Old hamster urinating in his nest

Can you tell if he is still eating and drinking ok? It seems unusual not to use his toilet unless he is struggling to get up and go there. How they are in their old age May vary but our first Syrian lived to 2 years 8 months and towards the end he still dragged himself out to use his toilet even when he didn’t get up to eat and drink. If you haven’t already, I would move his food bowl and water bottle as close to his house as possible so he can reach them easily.

However if he is still quite active and reaching his food and water easily, then maybe he has just become a bit incontinent. It is difficult when their nest is pee’d in as no they can’t keep sleeping in pee but it also stresses them having the nest and hoard removed. Maybe you could just do his nest every other day. And replace his hoard with new food but put it slightly to the side of his nest so it doesn’t get peed on. I’ve had to do that before abd after a few times of doing this they can adopt that new place as the hoard area. He is a grand age. Organs start failing gradually in their old age (and maybe bladder control too).
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