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Default Re: UK Hamster Cages 2021

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
I've found a few more cages in stock

Porton Aquapet have a few

Standard Duna Multy

Cage Duna Multy | Welcome to Porton Garden Aquatic & Pets

Maxi Duna Multy

Cage Maxi Duna Multy | Welcome to Porton Garden Aquatic & Pets

Perfecto tank (70 x 40 with shelves and mesh lid)

Small Animal Habitat Jumbo 3 Shelf | Welcome to Porton Garden Aquatic & Pets

Petcages UK Have the Skyline Sky Rat 100 (aka the Carlos cage) 7mm bar spacing, two tier 100cm cage

Sky Rat 100

Zooplus have the Hamster Heaven (the only hamster cage they have in stock!). Cheaper than elsewhere

Amazon uk

Savic Mickey 2XL

Savic Plaza (but costs more than at PAH)
Thanks for the updates Serendipity. I didn't go smaller than 80 x 50 in my posts/video which is why I didn't include some of those that you listed.

that is good news re zooplus, fingers crossed that they start adding more.
I have just shared on my IG story too.
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