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Default Re: Put to criceti 100 together for more space?

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
It is difficult getting a shy hamster out of the Alexander cage if they don't come to the little doors to want to come out.

I think the Plaza would be a good move as it's a similar size so won't be too unfamiliar if you set it up with a house at the same end and wheel in similar position and move all her bedding across. The front door will make a big difference as you can easily put a rat tube in through the door in front of her house with a smelly treat at the other end, so she walks into the tube, and then lift her out in the tube. (with your hands over the end of the tube). They are often much better once out of the cage and it's good for taming and getting her used to you. They don't always want to come out every night but maybe every two or three nights. After moving her though you'll need to give her a week or two to fully settle in and during that time she may be a bit reclusive.

Okey. I do need to talk to the store I bought the cage from as thr cage do fall apart everytime I do lift the top off.
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