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Default Taming Process

Hi everyone
Me and Wendy have been getting on well! She eats off of my hand and will sometimes climb onto my hand to get the food. I can move her into her playpen easily by using something she can climb into as i can’t hold her just yet. Although, she’s been in it a few times now and she still seems unsure of it and tries to escape it. Is this normal? The last time i moved her in there she did explore it some more but was still trying to get out. How can i make it feel more safe and fun for her? Another question is petting hamsters. Now i can pet Wendy when she’s eating so she’s distracted by food but when i try to do it without her being distracted she doesn’t like it. When i see that she’s unsure of it, i stop obviously but i try every night. Any clue on how to start doing this? I know some hamsters just might not like being petted which could be the case though😂
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