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Default New boy in Town (Skittish)


So I got a new male Syrian about 5 days ago. He was instantly very skittish and jumpy which I appreciate.

I just want to check im doing the right things to get him used to me.

First 2 nights we just let him be, he quickly found his sleeping spot, food and water and bath and settled into the cage locations perfectly.

But when I'd walk past the cage he'd leap in the air so high i was worried he'd hit his head. Over the past couple days I've been hand feeding him carrot sticks thru the cage and tonight I opened the door and hand fed him, he took a good sniff of me and a cheeky nibble (which I let him do, not sure if I should have??) and he seems calmer.

Just wanted to ask am I on the right track? Im scared that when it comes to the time to handle him hes gonna leap 10 foot in the air and out of my hands. Whats the next step?

I had a female before and I dont remember her being as jumpy and skittish in the early days as this little man.
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