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Default 2 week old hamster pup care questions

Hi there! We discovered our new hamster was pregnant when we bought her. She has since given birth to 8 pups that are now 17 days old. One is clearly the runt and I am trying to care for it. All the other babies are doing well. It doesnít look like any of their eyes have opened yet( is this normal?) The last couple times I went in there the other babies were nursing and the runt was just laying on top or beside the others. It does seem a little week. Iíve successfully given a few feeding of kittens milk but canít get it to eat any of the fresh food Iíve brought to it. The other babies go crazy for broccoli and cucumber when I bring it. My question is, how often should I be offering milk if I donít see that itís eating solids at this age. Also, is there anyone with a similar experience who can say how their runt did. Iím already getting attached and would hate to see it pass. I donít think mom has rejected it bc itís always in the nest when I go in there but I think itís too weak to get past itís siblings to nurse.
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