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Default Re: Bar Biting Again?!

I've read somewhere to just decide on what 'vessel' you'll choose to take her out and leave that thing in her cage so that she feels totally comfortable around it, placing treats inside (sunflower seeds for example, but also the healthier small piece of cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage etc.). She will stop being scared, and when you want to take her somewhere you just lure her in with a treat, place something in front of the opening and take her to the playpen. I find small pet carriers with a front opening, like the ovo habitrail one, or the smal lferplast one, quite useful as they close well. You will need to take her out for full cleans anyway so it is good to get her use to it. And if she's used to being lifed, maybe she will be less scared of being lifted in your hand.
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