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Default Re: Is Linguini sick?

I agree you really need to take her to a vet. It is quite likely she has been injured if the cage was knocked to the floor. If not injured then she could have severe stress or shock as sometimes just the smell of a cat nearby can cause them stress. They are prey animals. So hardwired to fear predators (even our hand coming from above can be seen as a predator).

The diarrhoea needs treating at least as they can quickly die of dehydration. It will also give answers and possibly be reassuring if she is checked over by a vet. Make sure she can reach water. Maybe lower the water bottle and move it nearer to her. If she can’t move you may have to hold it for her to have a drink or let her lick it off a teaspoon. I wouldn’t put a dish of water out as if she’s injured she may drown in it face first eg. Put a bit of cucumber nearby to help with rehydration. It may just be shock and trauma but the diarrhoea needs treatment . I have to say though that she will have been thrown across the cage with the impact snd it is quite likely she is injured. A vet will be able to tell you if this is external or internal.

As the others say - cats need to be kept away from hamsters although I know you didn’t imagine the cat would actually pull the cage down.
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