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Default Re: Possible allergies?

Thanks again for answering!

Regarding the Leif house - I did remove the "stairs", so that it's just a larger hole left where the stairs normally are. I also removed a wall on the outer side. But the inner rooms are a bit on the smaller side, and the entrances too. So I'm gonna get another house for him as soon as I can!

The rabbit house you linked looks good! It doesn't seem like they ship it to Norway though But I will look for a similar one in my local pet store Thanks for the tip! It's very nice to be able to take the roof off, so I'll look for that.

He did pee in his nest when I first got him, before I changed to a multi chamber house. Now he has certain spots around the cage where he pees, so his nest is pretty clean.

When I disinfected the cage, I used some cleaning wipes made for bathroom cleaning. But I wiped the cage with water afterwards, so it shouldn't be the scent from the cleaning. I also spot clean, so I don't change out the entire bedding when cleaning the cage

I'll check to see if I can order Science Selective from Amazon I looked up the Rodipet houses, but they only ship to Denmark and Sweden - not Norway It's a shame, because those houses with the granite roofs are so pretty!

I added some photos of my cage. Feel free to comment if you see anything else that may trigger allergies For clarity, the sand is a mix of children's play sand, and a cat litter brand that's safe for hamsters in Norway. And inside the glass vase I have a Coconut substrate.

Here is a video where I tried to show his skin and missing fur: 20210504_230342.mp4 on Vimeo

It's not easy to see, but his fur is thinning around his neck area, and the area on his back, where it originally started, has grown back quite a bit.
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