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Default Re: Bonding+Cleaning


My main suggestion would be to take it slow
You've only had her 2 weeks and she needs time to adjust. Continue feeding treats or just spending time near the cage, speaking to her etc.

You can move her out of the cage by placing a mug/jar in and she'll soon enter it to explore. Then you block the entrance either with your hand or something else and take her to a playpen or other secure place while you clean her nest. Spot cleaning will not be easy under a platform but it is important to clean wee regularly. However I wouldn't remove the food, unless it is fresh and getting bad. A stash is important for a hamster and they relax knowing they have a food reserve.

It's often easier also to tame out of the cage so that they don't get territorial and aggressive. You can go in the bathtub with her, letting her run on your legs when she leaves the jar/mug you had her in.
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