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Originally Posted by flowerfairy View Post
Oh my word. She is gorgeous!!! Is she a poodle cross terrier of some kind?
Thank you, no she's a purebred Norfolk Terrier

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
Adorable! You must be so happy. Sleepless nights coming up? Lol. Last time I had a puppy I'd be up half the night sending her back to bed as part of the training to stay in her bed. It was an open plan bungalow and even if we shut the living room door the noise and scratching was so bad and she even chewed a hole in the wall trying to get out! The solution was - with the help of a dog training book - leave all the doors open and train her to stay in her bed until morning.

So sleepless nights for a week - and then boom - it worked!
I am, I love her to bits ^_^
Oh yes, lots of sleepless nights, she has a crate which is in my room. Trying to crack housetraining at the moment but no matter how much I wake up, she's still messing in her crate although it's getting less now.

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
She is absolutely adorable! A little cutie.

I share your love for terriers and used to have a wheaten coloured cairn terrier. They are so intelligent and their spirit and courage is admirable.
Thank you! They're just the best aren't they? I think they have the most amazing little personalities and are so funny. I do love Cairn's, they're so cute
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