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Question Bonding+Cleaning

Wendy is a 10 week old syrian hamster and iíve had her for around 2 weeks now. Everyday i talk to her and now she will take treats from my fingers inside the cage or through the bars. She will nip me when i place them on my fingers. Tomorrow iím hoping to try again and see if she will take it off my hand. Any tips on doing this? Also iíve read that you should try petting your hamster while sheís eating etc, how do i start to do this? Sheís quite skittish and i donít want to scare her by putting my hand basically on top of her. Iíve tried to search for answers but i never get an exact answer so i thought itís best to ask.
One more thing is cleaning her nest. She nests underneath a platform so i canít easily reach my hand in there to check it. How often should i be cleaning her nests? As i canít get her out of her cage as she still nips at me. I read somewhere that i shouldnít fully clean it but at least get rid of any spoiled bedding or food.
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