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Default A new baby <3

So I'd been wanting a puppy for a long time and when we lost our current dog Garm's brother Alfie nearly 2 years ago, we'd been contemplating getting him a little friend. I live at home with my parents whilst saving for a house deposit and Garm is technically the family dog and my parents can't afford the financial implications of a second dog. We revisited me wanting a puppy and the search started.
I absolutely love terriers (Garm is a terrier mix) and have been in love with Norfolk terriers for such a long time. Anyone who's looked into the breed knows the waiting lists are generally high for a little Norfie so I fully expected to be waiting a year or more.
Anyway, call it a twist of fate or luck, I ended up in touch with a breeder (as a result of someone trying to wrongly sell a dog they'd brought from him) and he told me he may have a litter due in March. We chatted on the phone a couple of weeks later and he said as I'd helped him get his other dog back, he felt he owed me and said depending on litter number, there may be a puppy for me.
Fast forward to a week ago and I picked up my beautiful little baby!
So I' like everyone to meet little Bumblebee. She'll be 9 weeks old tomorrow and has been with me for a eek. She's full of sass and has already found her bark

The day we brought her home

On one of her trips to work with me

Today in the garden
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