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Default Re: Diabetic Roborovski

Thank you for the responses.
I'm aware that diabetes in robos is really rare, but it seems Tiny and I were just unlucky. The salad leaves were just an occasional treat (see; maybe once every few months), but I wont give any more. Otherwise I'll just keep going as I have been with him, and hope the hybrid Rodipet mix comes soon.

On natural sugars in foods; I was mostly wondering about a possible 'absolute limit' in regards to things like babyfood, which all my hamsters loved (and Tiny was fond of the C&G pumpkin and chicken food, and baby porridge, before he started having symptoms), as well as other veggies and things for him to try. But, well, I suppose I'll indeed just keep him on a strict diet of hamster food and aforementioned foods from now on. Thank you again.
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