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Default Re: Skittish Hamster - Help taming?

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
Yes, he did leg it a few times and i spent a number of very late nights waiting for him to get hungry enough to walk into something. I'm not saying that my method is a good one but it worked for me and the boys. I put sunflower seeds in a large spare plastic wheel, rattled them and he climbed into it.
An uncluttered and closed off hall is ideal with a blanket and a few toys down or a bathtub but mine didn't like the tub.

Remy looks lovely.

What kind of bin is that? I haven't seen this size before.
Thank you! I wish someone knew what his colouring was, I have no clue what they call his pattern and I've never seen a hamster with his colouring and patterning before.

Thank you for the tips! I'll give it a try after letting him settle in so we can start fresh. I'm about to watch the videos I've been linked to and make sure to take notes.

The box is from the company "really useful box", I was shocked to find a box by them that big as I've always seen them slightly smaller! It's a 134l long box with two wheels on one side.

Even my family was surprised that I came home with one as big as that in my car and they laughed and called me crazy the fact it's for a "small" animal. After proving them wrong (as they thought a hamster didn't need as big as 450 square inches) they understood that I NEEDED a big one with a good amount of space!

Mine also came with a 96 litre and 60 litre box which I've used one to store his care products in such as bedding, food, cleaning products and treats as well as the smaller box that I've used to store his extra toys in. The bigger box I'm thinking of joining or using for Remy himself at some point though and finding another way of storing his care stuff.

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