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Default Re: Skittish Hamster - Help taming?

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
Yes, similar situation here. I rescued a male Syrian when he was a very scared baby and he was so skittish i had little hope of taming him. It took about six weeks and he's a very tame and friendly hamster now.

My method was different because i didn't put my hand in his cage waiting for him to take a treat or go on my hand.

I started by feeding him treats through the bars then stroked him lightly when he was busy eating.
I took him out of his cage and sat in a hamster safe area then let him sniff around on my lap without touching him at first. Eventually moved on to stroking and later picking him up. By keeping him on me as much as possible he became familiar with my smell.
Nowadays he uses me like a climbing frame and runs up my legs and front to get onto the sofa.
I'm so relieved to hear I'm not the only one who has been or is in the situation I am in. I've had a hamster before which was outgoing right from the start when I was a kid and I could pick her up no problem. Unfortunately my family gave her away to my brothers friend without asking me after a few months so I never got to learn the full benefits of hamster owning/care. If the bathtub method flops badly I'll try your method out!

I have a question about your method though, how did you managed to get your little hammy back into his enclosure? I'm worried about taking Remy out in case I stress him out trying to catch him if he's running about. I have the biggest room in the house, it's definitely hamster safe but as stated wouldn't want to stress him out trying to put him back in to his home.
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