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Default Re: Skittish Hamster - Help taming?

Originally Posted by LunaTheHamster1 View Post
It can take weeks with some hamsters, but slow and steady will work. Honestly it sounds like you are doing fine, just go at his pace, every hamster is different. With the bathtub, just make sure you have things you can distract him with or just let him climb on you if he is not scared of that.

With my hamster Twinkle I honestly thought it was never going to happen, I was just re-reading the thread I have on him today and I forgot how I could do something with him and then he would shoot back into his house, but then come back out again. It was like his security blanket, things started to go really well about the 6 week mark and he is sooooo tame now.
I'm so glad Twinkle is tamed! Thank you for giving me a few tips with the bathtub method.
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