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Default Re: Skittish Hamster - Help taming?

well to me it sounds like you just need to keep doing what you are doing, just maybe less of trying to touch him. Sometimes if you make your hand into a fist rather than show him your fingers that seems to be less scary for them. You could try things that have long stalks so the food is nearer him than your hand is, e.g I give my hammies micro greens such as flax/linseeds which can actually get very long so something like that or the dried version that you may have seen for sale.

To me it sounds a bit soon, but you could keep doing what you are doing and in a while maybe put a few items into a box and try and get him used to your hands. I will link a video for you of what I mean:

Bonding With My Hamster | Cosmic Hamsters - YouTube

I have also found in the past that with shy/skittish hamsters they can sometimes do quite well with bathtub bonding as they get to climb over you in their own time rather than you keep putting your hands in their face - although again from what you said i think this may be a bit too soon, something to work towards maybe:

Bathtub Bonding With My Hamster | Cosmic Hamsters - YouTube

p.s. he looks very cute btw.
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