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Default Re: Diabetic Roborovski

Hello. I think it’s unusual for a Robo to have diabetes but not impossible. No sugar diet is the way to go yes. I wouldn’t worry about seeds having a small amount of natural sugars. The benefits of linseeds would outweigh that. They help keep things in balance and are chock full
Of healthy vitamins especially vitamin E etc (coat and skin). The Rodipet hybrid mix sounds good and is sugar free. Harry Hamster is sugar free. Veg is fine but don’t give fruit (fruit sugars). Also I wouldn’t give salad leaves - I can’t remember why that is not good but can be the water content partly. Broccoli is fine. Spinach if you can get it. Not cabbage or lettuce. Carrot is a sweeter veg so maybe not. Cauliflower ok. I just used to keep cauliflower, broccoli and cucumber on the fridge (they last ages if kept in the fridge).

It’s possible that things might improve as well with the salad leaves stopped - it may be overloading her kidneys possibly.
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