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Default Theoretical breeding question with regards to colour

Hello, I am not sure I will breed I am more curious what would happen if I did in terms of colour combinations. Will they be goldens for the most part? My three hamsters have a wide range of genetics. I have one male short haired dove (solid? Has two tiny patches of white on his tummy. Is this a white belly gene sign?)
I have one dominant spot (or possibly dappled) cream/blonde and white female who is also short haired.
I have one light umbrous golden banded long haired female.

I know that the parents of my dominant spot were a solid red eyed white female and a black eyed solid cream male.

The others were from pet shops so I've no idea.

My only reason for breeding is that I selected hamsters that all have extremely docile and friendly temperaments and I'd like to breed my own super friendly babies do that I could keep one or two myself. Am I correct they would generally reflect their parents temperaments?

I would also like to breed creams or doves but this seems unlikely?

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