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Default Re: stuck with taming

Yes, Rodney especially legged it a few times at first. He's a rescue i thought i couldn't tame and it took a few weeks for him to trust me but he's so easy to handle now.

I try and keep them on my lap for as long as possible any way i can. I move my knees up, use my arms and let them walk from forearm to forearm so they're walking but not getting anywhere. I always sit on the floor in a hamster safe area. I do your trick as well and let them walk down my back but never had them on my head, lol.
They slow down a bit after a few sessions. I usually need to bribe them with a few sunflower seeds in their husks to sit still long enough to stroke them.
It's a bit of trial and error to find out what works best. I set up a hamster playground in the hall and sit on the floor which is a good and fun environment for taming sessions as well.
I think the more time they spend near you, smell you, feel you and hear you the more comfortable they become.

Doesn't work for every hamster of course and didn't work for my dwarf Ozzy. He's not shy or scared but doesn't like human contact or out of cage time. He's happy in his Hamster Heaven world which is fine with me.
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