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Default Re: Robo in savic plaza

It’s probably ok (with a full level). I have always used the narrow bars for a Robo . There is no way a Robo could try abd squeeze through 7mm bars - that is mouse bar spacing. But if a Robo was inclined to squeeze through 1cm or 9mm then they would get part way snd get stuck. So it comes down to whether a Robo would be inclined to try it. If they are then 1cm is too big for robos. 9mm similar. My plaza bars are more bendy than my Savic ones.

The Barney or Alexander would be better for a Robo as they have 7mm bar spacing. It comes down to personal judgement though. People have kept robos in 1cm bar spaced cages and not had an issue. I’m just a bit belt and braces and prefer the narrow bar spacing to be sure.

The Barney and Alexander have the odd 1cm gap above the small doors and 8mm at edges but cable ties can sort that.
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