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Default (re-)introducing Cloudy, Stormy and Tiny Raptor


In January we decided to get a hamster after incessant request by my 7 yo. That's how we got Cloudy, a young Syrian, from the pet store (had we known...). It escalated a bit from then on, with cage upgrades, watching tons of videos online about hamsters. With Cloudy being very shy I started looking out for a 2nd, more confident hamster and that's how we rescued Stormy, the hybrid, male, impossibly cute. And after swearing to my husband that was it, I kept seeing a tiny Robo at the adoption section of my pet store... I brought him back home a week ago, and my kids called him Tiny Raptor. He is amazing, runs to the bars when it is dinner time and actually does not seem shy at all. I will try taming him in the bathtub but I have very low expectations

So in less than 3 months we got 3 hamsters, all male, from 3 different species, and it is a lot of work! Cloudy does not want to be handled but wants to be out of the cage every night, Stormy does not mind a bit of handling but clearly prefers running like crazy on his wheel and rolling in his sandbath. And I've told you already about Tiny, who melts my heart every time I see him 'cos Robos are just irresistible.

Here are some pics, and wish me luck caring for them
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