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Originally Posted by RolyRocks View Post
Thanks Ria and how often do you do a partial substrate change? I know this topic has come up many times before but I sometimes worry that I should be cleaning him out more. I obviously spot clean, especially where he pees but the rest of his substrate looks fresh and doesn't smell at all. He's such a clean and tiny little hamster!
My nose is my guide. If it smells bad, i clean it. If not, i don't. I used to change the substrate monthly because i thought that i ought to but then found that it hadn't really been necessary but that was at the beginning. Now i'm much more relaxed about it. It also depends on the hamster. My lot ranges from a messy little sod to one that is houseproud and chucks his poops out of his house for me to clean up. He only pees in his toilet of course.
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