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An update on Pickle who has been awol a lot during the winter months and not wanting to come out at all. Nesting cosily away. He has decided it is spring now I think and is more active and out in his cage in the evening around feeding time and been quite active on the sofa. The couple of times I dragged him out after Christmas he just wanted to go straight back to his cage again.

He is a lovely big bundle of fluff and full of energy sometimes, but mostly so laid back that he has a quiet life and likes his nest.

It's nice to see him more perky again as I did think he wasn't quite the same after Moo died. But he's adjusted to his new location in a different room well. He seems happy back in his Mickey 2XL and not interested in much apart from food. Ignores his hammock completely!

The hamster corner in the living room has now been taken over by teenage stepson's computer desk and set up! I do actually still have room for two hamster cages in different rooms but focusing on Pickle for now as life is busier.

Also stepson is talking about wanting to get a cat. Hmm.
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