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Exclamation Hamster having trouble eating! Help!

So I noticed on Wednesday that my daughters hamster could not eat her treat as she normally does. It looked like she was trying to bite into it, but eventually just threw it down. I was concerned that maybe her teeth were overgrown so I took her to my vet the next morning. He said they were quite long and he clipped them. The problem is, it looks like she still having the same trouble. I gave her a treat tonight it look like she was biting into it as normal, but eventually she threw it down. These are the exact same treats weve been giving her for six months, every day. she normally gobbles them up. Now food from her food bowl is gone- so Im perplexed. Does anybody know maybe what is going on? Ive been adding one water to her pellets and making it mush, and shes been eating that.
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