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Default New hammy housing advice needed

Hi everyone,

Looking for some housing advice for my ham! I've had my female Syrian hamster, Penelope for a few months now. I upgraded her from a pets at home XL cage to a bigger bin cage a couple months ago however I know she could still do with more room and also height so I can give her more substrate. She is a very active hamster and an OBSESSIVE bar chewer so cannot have bars. Also, as a uni student it needs to be semi-practical for travel ie. not super heavy or hard to move around (I know this is not an ideal living situation for her). If I were living at home I wouldn't hesitate to get her a detolf but due to my circumstances, I can't.

I've looked at upgrading her to a larger bin cage but I can't find a storage box being sold in the UK that is large enough. The only cage I've found that may be suitable is the ferplast large maxi duna-

If anyone has any opinions/ experience on this cage they are very much welcome as well as any other suggestions for other cages.

Thanks very much!
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