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Default Re: Plastikote Help Desperately Needed

I am guessing you're not in the Uk if it was four weeks delivery I normally get it from Amazon and you choose the colour at time of ordering. There are other sellers in the Uk but I am not sure if they would post abroad - if you're in the Uk that won't be a problem.

TBH gold might look quite nice It's probably matt rather than shiny. You could maybe use it on the inside of things where it wouldn't show - eg to waterproof the inside of a wood house. Or do the inside of a wood wheel - then when you get another colour, do the outside. The inside is most likely to need wiping clean. I think a two tone wood wheel might be quite effective!

Also gold is found in nature Anyway here are some links

The clear one doesn't seem to be available on this link at the moment. I've used Garden green before (but it's more glossy) and also sky blue which is a really nice colour if you want some slight contrast.

Natural colours there is creme de la creme, nut brown or sunshine yellow or buttercup yellow.

The clear one is available at Wickes

Plastikote Fast Dry Brush On Enamel - Clear 59ml |
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