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Originally Posted by Amethyst_ice View Post
Some feeder breeders do use them lots yes.

Labs use CO2 chambers and they are a humane method if correct. However, it is a lot of responsibility to put on yourself ...
True. Not something I would undertake lightly. Or possibly at all. Taking a pet to the vet would be dead easy. (Sorry.)

I was a vet tech during my chequered past, and euthanised a number of animals, including my own, by injection. They were all good deaths.

But 2 of the 3 pets I've since taken to vets for euthanasia, have jerked and cried out in pain during the procedure. Not a pleasant last moment for them. (Although probably better than the alternative.) I didn't want that to happen again, so did some research on how to give my hammy a good death if necessary.

It would certainly be easier and less fraught to find a vet who would anesthetize them first. Should've had them do that for my cat and dog!

My dwarf, Oreo, died quickly; there wouldn't have been time to arrange euthanasia. I've instructed Bean to do the same. Here's hoping he complies!

Thanks Ria P for introducing this important, though difficult, topic.
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