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There hasn't really been too much to update on, but things are going fairly well.

I'm still working on getting them better with handling and while they're not perfect I've made a lot of progress - mostly Bloom still being squirmy but not so much when held very close to me, and she still can be a bit skittish about getting picked up.

They've also been getting a lot better at coming to me outside of the cage. I've also had moments with handling where a rat will settle down for a short period of time for what can only be described as the rat equivalent of cuddling, and that has been very reassuring. Of course, sometimes I do get a bit of clothing licked(mostly by Bloom).

I don't think I mentioned anything about them getting their grape vine branch but they really enjoy that even with it just being on the bottom of the cage. At first they went a bit crazy chewing it but they've settled down on that, but it also makes a really good place for scattering bits of food. I might get another in the future and set it up more like a perch on the cage bars.

I don't think there's anything else to update on for the rats, but I should definitely try to post more once there's anything new.
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