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Default Re: Stuck in the bars

He's ok now.

His cage was rated as one of the best for dwarf hamsters. What we think is that he managed to climb up a bit, from his platform (that has wire cage around it - the rest is in solid plastic) was standing up on some of the bars and slipped so that his front top teeth went down over the bars. He could not get his footing again with his back legs, so he was left wedged in. When I found him I had to bend the bars quite a bit to be able to turn him sideways to get his head out of there.

His cage has just been reconfigured. He no longer has a ramp up to the platform (which he really liked to hang out on). There are now tubes from the floor up to where the wheel tunnel attaches, so he can still get to his wheel. But he no longer has access to the bars at all. New water bottle holder, so it holds it down near the bottom of the cage instead of through the bars. So hopefully unless something truly freaky happens, he should not be able to get to the bars again for any purpose.

His eye is fine, he's had a day, and is very, very friendly now, but subdued. He was out for a while in his play yard, and got quite a bit of handling, and was happy for both. He has now been returned to his new and improved habitat and is wondering, I'm sure, where the ramp went, what the new tube goes to, and who put a brick in there!
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