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Default Re: A busy Sunday upgrade (and new family member) ;)

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
That is one lucky hamster trio moving from a shed to a mansion on an estate!

Winston, is he from the Shpock Hamster Cage advert where the hamster was described as timid and jumpy and mentioned almost like an afterthought?
Hi yes I believe its the same advert. Advertised a pink and blue crittertrail cage? He's a lovely lovely hamster, loves his burrowing now he has the correct set up for that kind of behaviours

I don't find him to timid or jumpy either, he's never been jumpy so far but maybe a little timid but he's very inquisitive so if I'm putting something in or changing water he will come over and sniff at my fingers. A little patience is all he needs and a big set up. He's a big hamster I'm not sure how he didn't get stuck in those tubes.
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