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Default Tuppence got a detolf upgrade

Oh my I love Tuppences new cage, Tuppence was given to me in a cage that measured 125 Square inches. We got him a bin cage that was 495 Square inches but in the UK that is too small so we have been looking at upgrades. I was lucky to find this for half the price and able to get it delivered and just set it up today Tuppence has much enjoyed the extra deep bedding and I'm sure he gets lost under there haha they are hides i made hidden under the substrate and tunnels and he really seems to be enjoying the extra 750 square inches he now has. I think the internal dimensions sit the detolf at around 950ish? now just need a new upgrade for Terence!

IMG-20210302-165610 — ImgBB

IMG-20210302-165628 — ImgBB
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