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Default Re: Went in for locusts... Meet Bonnie!

Eeks! I haven't posted on here for ages - many apologies but blame lockdown lol.

Bonnie is now just over 2 years old and when she's not asleep, she is surprisingly very active - although I've had to adapt her tank a little to suit her needs.

She was struggling to drink out of her water bottle. The first one she was finding difficult to get any water out, but thankfully I put a bowl in there as a second option whilst I got a new bottle. Unfortunately, after one night, it leaked all into where her bedding was. Cue major clean out and then made a decision to just stick to a bowl as Bonnie seems to like this option better than a bottle (possibly because it's easier on her neck).

So far, Bonnie is still managing solid food fairly well - seems to prefer the smaller seeds to the larger ones (so started breaking these down a bit).

She still enjoys running on her wheel and digging a tunnel system around her home. She sometimes struggles to get up on her platform, so I've made her a little ramp to make it easier (mind you - she'd rather chew it and try to go up on her normal way lol). She is certainly slowing down though and is sleeping a lot more, but at points during the day, I often hear her nibbling on something under her wooden tunnel.

Although she does come up to the door for her treats and a little bit of stroking, she's never shown much interest in coming out of her tank and starts to stress out a little when she does have to come out (normally when I do a cage clean), so apart from that, I give her attention inside her tank and she enjoys that.

That's about it really. I've unfortunately now got to let you know about Cocoa.

Take care.

Mweekie xx

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