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Hi, I have a 1.5 year old hybrid dwarf hamster. I adopted him from Pets at Home after the first lockdown, when he was already 10 months old. In spite of him being extremely aggressive, I have tried to give him a good life. Since day one, I have observed him scratching and on the advice of my vet, regularly treated him with Xeno 50 mini with good effect. In the last few weeks I have noticed him visibly age (slowing down, weight loss, scruffy fur) but he is still eating well and coming out for a run when he wants. Last night I noticed his itching was really bad, and he has a small area of thinning fur at the back of his head. I applied the Xeno again but was wondering if I should take him to the vet? The main problem with this is the logistics, bearing in mind how he lashes out. Plus I am not sure if I should put him through this ordeal. One thing to mention is I have only been applying three drops of the Xeno, as I was worried I would overdose. Many thanks for any help
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