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Default Kapok Bedding

You know how in the hamster community we are always saying things like 'don't use this because I have heard of hamsters dying' etc I always wonder where they start and who are the people it happens to. Because often by the time we hear about it, it could be years down the line.

So, in light of that I thought this would be worthwhile to link to this:

Lots of interesting info (which I have to admit I am not well enough to read all of it) but if you scroll down to page 5, surgical conditions; it shows a postmortem (don't look if squeamish) of a hamster that died of an intestinal blockage caused by Kapok. If that isn't enough to put people off from using it, I don't know what is.

Advocates for Animals is representing the guys whose hamster this is, to try and get retailers to remove unsafe fluffy bedding

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