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Default Syrian weight gain?

Hello everyone

I am wondering what the normal weight range is for a syrian. I don't mean in terms of average weight for a hamster as I know that can differ wildly, I mean in terms of how much is safe for each hamster's weight to fluctuate.

I weigh my girl every week and she's around 240/250g and has been forever. But in the last 3 weeks her weight has increased by 20g. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but they're such tiny little things that it seems quite a lot.

I haven't changed her diet recently. I scatter feed her about 2 tsp of harry hamster mix every day and also give her a small amount of fresh fruit and veg every day. I give her the occasional treat, but most of the time when I am trying to tempt her out of her cage I used a peanut or a seed from her regular mix so nothing she wouldn't be getting anyway. She's also been having the same amount of out of cage time as she always has.

She's around a year and 5 months now. Is her motabolism slowing down as she ages? Should I adjust the amount I feed her?

Thank you for your advice

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