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Default Syrians and their Wheels

I'm actively looking to adopt a second hamster. Originally, I was dead set on getting a male dwarf hamster, because I wanted a hamster with a high probability (though I know it's never a sure thing!) of being okay in the 800 square inch cage that my current hamster, Egg, so vehemently rejected last year

But I was scrolling through Petango and found a two year old female Syrian up for adoption and I am quite tempted. I've always loved the idea of adopting elderly animals and I would love to give her a good last few months/however long she has left. I have the money, space, and DIY skills needed to build a bigger cage if she needs, just like I did for Egg. I'm not going to be ready until March, so maybe she'll be scooped up by then, but if she's not...

I'm wondering what size wheels everyone uses for their Syrians. I have a Carolina Express wheel on the way (they're ten ish inches), but I know plenty of Syrians need something larger. If I adopt her, is it very likely she'll need a bigger wheel, do you think? Obviously if she doesn't fit on it, I'll buy a bigger one -- I'm just wondering if I should buy one now because it's that likely or wait and see.

Thanks in advance!
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