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Default Re: Alaska Cage review.

I have had the Alaska cage for 2 years for my Syrian hamster George and it has been perfect for him. I also bought from Zooplus and was really happy with the price and packaging. I removed the platform / slide and house and replaced with a more spacious grey platform from a Ferplast cage. I use a wooden nest box which is much larger and better for Syrians, and a log ramp attached to the bars so he can get up to the platform. It's easy to attach treats, water bottle and wheel to the bars. I think for the price this is a really nice cage, it has secure doors and is very easy to keep clean as the base is smooth. I've had cages such as the Ferplast cage which is a brilliant size (it was actually meant for ferrets but just right for rats), but it has a criss-cross pattern on the base which makes it harder to scrub clean. As I live in a tiny house I had to go for the minimum size cage, but the Alaska cage is great for a Syrian hamster and my little man seems perfectly happy in it.
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