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Default Re: Plospan bedding?

I just had a look here and Plospan is described as dust extructed and suitable for poultry which has sensitive eyes and lungs. There is no mention of rodents though which is probably because woodshavings specifically marketed for rodents are readily available.

Plospan and Allspan appear to be dust extracted woodshavings. If you can't get paperbased substrate in your country then you'll have to use woodshavings i suppose and give your hamster additional nesting material like plain toilet paper.

It has always puzzled me that Germany uses woodshavings instead of paperbased substrate and they believe that kapok fibre is ok for hamsters.

Maybe you could get some information on the German hamster forum Das Hamsterforum. Someone on rhe continent may know if those two products are the same and possibly marketed under different names in different countries.

Sorry i can't be of any real help.
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