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Question Plospan bedding?

Hiya everyone! Haven't posted here in a while - hope everyone is doing well!

I have already posted about this on Hamster Hideout, so I hope you won't mind me just copy pasting that here:

I've been trying to do research on Plospan bedding, as that is a brand we have in my country, and this is what I've found so far:

On their website, they state the following:

"Plospanís bedding materials are not harmful for pets; there is a strict protocol from procurement to sales. Plospan only uses clean and untreated wood."

"Plospanís wood fibres are manufactured from pinewood that comes from a species of spruce."

Now, my first instinct is to assume that this bedding is not safe, as it's made from softwood (spruce). But, I know that many European countries, Germany especially (and we all know that they're considered to be the best when it comes to hamster care) use the brand Allspan, which states that their bedding is also made out of softwood - spruce. To quote their website:

"ALLSPAN wood fibres are the ideal litter material. They are made of 100%-natural timber from untreated, Scandinavian light spruce, and contain no chemical additives."

Or, even their horse bedding: "Allspan wood shavings are produced only from carefully-selected raw materials consisting of 100%, guaranteed untreated softwood."

Essentially, Plospan and Allspan seem to be identical in terms of what wood they use for their bedding. The only part that confuses me is the Plospan mentions "pinewood" that comes from a species "of spruce" - I'm not too knowledgeable about trees and flora, but aren't pine and spruce two different types of wood?

So, to wrap this up, I suppose my question is: would Plospan bedding be considered safe for hamsters then? If Allspan is so highly praised in countries such as Germany, and they're essentially the same thing?
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