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Default WW possible tumor?

Hi all

I'm looking for some advice from hammy experts. To clarify - we are already going to the vet this week, just waiting to confirm if we can get an appointment today / tomorrow.

Our Winter White, Kareem, is the grand old age of 2 years 5 months. He's still very active and despite some aging he has a huge appetite. He has lost a lot of weight and had some fur loss on his tummy over the past 4 months but we couldn't find why and put it down to aging.

However today, I noticed he has lost some more fur and it's uncovered what looks to be like a tumor:

Please note - his scent gland looks very mucky here and he has had problems with it clogging over the past few months so I clean it every few days with warm water but he is also having this cleared again properly at the vet this week as it is very hard to do properly at home!

Where I'm really struggling is with what to do. He is in great shape and such a friendly and lively little guy still, but I hate to think of any consequences of treatment given his age, and as he still seems happy enough I wouldn't have him put down yet as I don't think he is struggling too much.

Advice, experiences, and thoughts very welcome if anyone can share?
Thank you <3
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