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Default Re: How much do you feed your Syrian

Sounds about right but I would give fresh veg every day It is the one thing they look forward to every day especially! However just a very tiny amount. About 1cm cubed size. Doesn't have to be square of course, that is just a size guide. Eg a very small floret of broccoli about that size, a cube of cucumber or carrot (raw or cooked carrot - I sometimes save a bit of cooked carrot from our dinner as long as it is plain and no gravy or seasoning etc). I also put it on a separate little dish to the hamster mix. When we had a shy syrian I put that extra little dish on the far side of his cage on his shelf so he used the cage more! Or I put it in his sputnik and he got in the habit of using the sputnik and always went straight there to look for the veg.

With the hamster mix I throw away anything left after two days and put another tablespoon out. They tend to leave old food and only go for the freshly put out (how they can tell the difference I don't know!).
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