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Originally Posted by LunaTheHamster1 View Post
Welcome Monty, LOVE that cage, where did you find that hide? and is that a little toadstool burried in the bedding?
What bedding is that, I think I many branch out into the coloured bedding for a change. I can no longer use megazorb with Twinkle due to his long fur.
The toadstool is an Aldi birdfeeder from a couple of years ago and the little toadstool is from petsathome painted with plastikote. I couldn't find a good place for it so in my frustration, i burried it.

I can't get my favourite kaytee in camo anymore and had only a little of the natural left so had to improvise.
The woodchips left and right are filling the small gap between glass and platforms. Most of the substrate is white kaytee which i don't really like but it's available. All the other cages look like a winter scene. The brown is kaytee natural and then i ordered a 14l bag of green carefresh from Fetch to give it a fresh look with a green top layer.

No doubt, once Monty is more settled he'll rearrange it so it's nice to have a photo of what the tank used to look like.

Betsy has bulldozed her habitat last night which looks quite different now and the little blue carefresh stream has dried up overnight.
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