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Default Re: Beware vaccine scam email

It really saddens me that people are really taking advantage of the pandemic to scam like this.

Despite warning my 84 year old Grandma of all the scams.. one recently phoning about NI numbers and illegal activity....

She had the phone call and said she knew it was fake but got into such a state she sat crying and shaking and is afraid to answer the phone now. It was an automated message as well yet it had that effect on her.

It frustratess me as we do all we can to protect her but she panics in the moment and forgets things. So no matter how much advice we tell her, write it down, she lives alone and people take advantage of that.

I made sure to check her vaccine invite and was legit. Sadly in times of worry and crisis, peoples usual common sense sometimes goes out the window.

It is important we check in on our family and friends and share these and report these scams.
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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