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Default Beware vaccine scam email

Just to warn others - I had a very convincing email supposedly from the NHS inviting me for the vaccine based on my medical history yesterday. It looks very authentic and it was OH who thought it might be a scam. It took quite a bit of googling to find out it is a scam because the NHS website does actually say you may be contacted by email and I do have a particular medical risk.

So I'm linking what it looks like below - published in two newspapers. In fact the only reason I didn't click on the link to accept was because I needed advice from GP first as to whether I could have it due to previous anapylaxis.

So do be careful. Apparently if you do click on the link it asks you for money so then it's obvious it's a scam, but by then your email address has been stolen and it could also download malware on your pc and steal information.

Absolutely disgusting that criminals are trying to con people into thinking they can have the vaccine! The links below are ok by the way! Both to newspapers.

Beware this dangerous Covid-19 vaccine NHS email scam that experts warn is '''extremely convincing'''

Warning issued over NHS scam email covid vaccine | Eastern Daily Press

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